“Dave, It is well known why salesmen pick their occupation. Most are too scared to steal and much to lazy to work. As others who have come before me have said “A Manufacturer’s Rep is unlikely to be fired from all the companies he represents at once”. In my world, this is best summed up as job security. Then,the ultimate goal of positioning arises; whereby extracting the greatest amount of success from the least amount of effort. That which remains is a good part time job. This is why it’s becomes difficult to retire. How do you replace a good six figure part time job when you already have all the free time you could ever use in a day? Surely a dilemma unless you are a creative person. Creative expression insures the future, enriches the soul, and allows others to enter your part of the world without harboring the fear they too will figure out what and how you do it.

Now Dave , it could be said that the Drowning Book is your channel to express God’s dearest gift, given to you as delightful expression of the word, through your mastery of the pen. A path for others to enter your world, rejoice and stay awhile; then leave with a good feeling of what could be. Well done old friend.”